• Mark Austin

Injured? Focus on Getting Stronger.

This is probably the most basic and practical yet most helpful piece of advice for injury management that so many people get wrong. People always show up in physio after days or weeks of gentle stretching with minimal improvement of their symptoms beyond temporary relief.

Research and experience tells us that beginning with a graduated strengthening or loading program within a few days after the pain sets in and within your tolerable limits is one of the quickest paths to a full and speedy recovery.

For most mild to moderate muscle strains, after a couple of days of initial rest most people just need to gently load the system, give it a day or so to recover, then repeat, slowly increasing the load back to normal as tolerated.

Stretching feels nice in the moment, can improve flexibility, and settle down a wound-up nervous system, but it's not often what most muscles need to heal.

Are you in Calgary, and dealing with a rotator cuff injury, neck or back pain, tennis elbow, or any other kind of muscle strain? Get in touch and we can discuss what physiotherapy at physiobox can do for you.


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