• Mark Austin

Let's Keep the Homework Simple.

I would never give a patient or client a hard time for not doing their exercises. Often, this means that the physiotherapist, not the patient, failed at their job!

Either the program took too much time to realistically complete, was overly difficult or painful to do, or the client didn't leave their session feeling 100% confident in what they were doing. Your program needs to be tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle -- sometimes this does mean hard work, but there is usually a way to keep most programs for pain and injury simple and easy to complete.

It is on the physiotherapist to understand your needs, time and availability, and comfort level in designing your program. A working parent shouldn't have three pages of exercises to get through every day. I try to keep most exercise programs to under 10 minutes a few days of the week, unless there are exceptional circumstances that require more time and effort-- i.e. being off work due to a major injury or surgery. We should never forget that for many people, just taking the time to show up for their appointment is already a big commitment, let alone the homework in between visits, and that in itself often deserves applause.

Whether you have back or neck pain, arthritis, a knee injury, or rotator cuff strain, get in touch for an assessment and we will get you on a simple program that get's you feeling and moving better and most importantly keeps you better.


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