• Mark Austin

Why You Should Consider Mixing Up Your Training

In a perfect world, every week I would lift some weights, get some yoga in, and a few morning runs done in between. Pulling off all three in one week, however, is often tricky for me to consistently pull off. I seem to be great at doing one or two at a time, but not all three all the same time.

Focusing heavily on one system in our body at a time while neglecting the others leads to many sports and training injuries. Being based in a gym, I see many people with pain and injury who show up having worked mainly on heavy lifts, with exceptional strength in the larger muscle groups like the deltoids, lats, quads and glutes.

However, they often actually lack the minimum prerequisite mobility to properly perform many of their heaviest lifts, or they have minimal strength or control when it comes to the smaller, supporting muscle groups such as the rotator cuff, deep neck flexors, or rotational muscles of the hip have been neglected. For many of these kinds of injuries, whether it is back pain, neck pain, a shoulder or knee injury, the patient is shocked when a major weakness is spotted relative to their otherwise well-developed strength. Often, just a few minutes of focused work on the smaller, finer muscle groups, a few times a week, gets them feeling better than ever before in a relatively short period of time.

This is another reason why I think mindful movement such as yoga is an excellent tool in rehab. Large skyscrapers aren't bulldozed into place; they are built with care, nuance, and finesse by architects and engineers. Building a healthy, high-performing, and resilient body requires the same attitude; remember to tend to not just the big movers, but to the less obvious (but equally important) supporting players as well. If you are in Calgary, Alberta and dealing with chronic pain, arthritis pain, a rotator cuff injury, or anything along those lines, consider booking in for an assessment to see what areas you might be missing-- the fix usually isn't as bad or time consuming as you think! - Mark


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