• Mark Austin

Yoga Tune In + Tune Up - Part 1: Thoracic Mobility

Hey friends! Welcome to my eight-part yoga series to deepen your physical awareness and optimize your body mechanics! While there are many facets to yoga, in this series we will focus primarily on how yoga affects our physical body, and how it can be used as a tool to promote mobility, stability, and improve your awareness of all of those muscles joints. We will be breaking down these videos by the most common problem areas I see in my physiotherapy practice. Youtube Video: Click Here!

Please note there is much more to pain than body mechanics! If you are in pain or injured, hold off on these videos and get in touch with me. For this series, I am raising money for the Children's Cottage Society in Calgary, Alberta. It is a non-profit focused on building healthy families and resilient children. So wherever you are, please click the link below to donate each time you take part in a new video-- just like if you were paying for karma yoga at a studio or for an online membership. I'd love to hit $1000 by the end of this 8 video series. Thank you!!! Go Fund Me Page: Click Here! If you have chronic pain, a stubborn ache that won't go away, a chronic injury that has never fully recovered, or if you're just looking to gain more freedom and better health and longevity, check out my physiotherapy clinic in Calgary, physiobox! Online physio is also available to anyone in Alberta. Online health coaching services are available to everyone no matter where you are. I am also offering private small group yoga to anyone who is interested, just get in touch with me for more info. Part 2: Core Stability will be posted next Tuesday! Let me know if you have any input or what you might like to see in future videos. Are you good with 30 minutes or would you like 40-45 minute videos? Peace out!


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