• Mark Austin

Yoga Tune In + Tune Up - Part 2: Core Stability

Hey again everyone, We are back with our second video in our 8-week series. This week, our focus is on core stability. In this video we will work on some fine motor control, isolate several groups of your core muscles, and then tie it all together into a yoga flow focused on improving dynamic core stability. Why not just static holds? Well, when do you ever hurt your back when you're being completely still? Many back injuries happen during movement. Therefore, we must train stability not just with prolonged holds, but also through movement. No two-minute planks in this video (although, if you can do that, good on you)!

For this series, I am raising money for the Children's Cottage Society in Calgary, Alberta. It is a non-profit focused on building healthy families and resilient children. So wherever you are, please click the link below to donate each time you take part in a new video-- just like if you were paying for karma yoga at a studio or for an online membership. I'd love to hit $1000 by the end of this 8 video series. Thank you!!!

Go Fund Me Page: Click Here!

Peace out.


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