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Mark has been practicing physiotherapy since 2013 after graduating with a Master's of Science in Physiotherapy with distinction from Glasgow Caledonian University. He is always on the move and is a long-time weightlifter, yoga teacher, and enjoys running, hiking, biking, skiing, and curling, to name a few! Mark is also passionate about nutrition science and follows a plant-based approach to eating, and practices mindfulness as a trained yoga teacher. In addition to an in-depth understanding of injury diagnosis, alignment and mechanics, tissue healing physiology, and the role of neuroplasticity in recovery, Mark understands that a holistic approach is most effective when it comes to pain and injury recovery. 

His clinical experience includes the treatment and management of chronic pain and disability, athletes and sports teams; pre- and post-operative patients; older adults looking to maintain their independence; whiplash; everyday sprains and strains; workplace injuries from the Alberta oilsands; concussion and brain injury; CRPS/RSD; stroke; multiple sclerosis; and Parkinson's disease. Prior to his clinical work he worked in a neuroplasticity research lab focused on the impact of exercise on brain recovery.

Mark's full credentials can be found by clicking here.


Physiotherapist, Owner

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