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Mark is great! After only one session, my back pain has lessened considerably! I know that probably isn't typical but with his advice and homework to work out what needed to get fixed, I feel 100% better. I cant recommend his expertise enough. His practice is clean and very professional, and his knowledge shines through even after just a consult. You can tell he loves what he does and cares about his clients needs.

Nicole H.


Mark is absolutely incredible! He is attentive and extremely knowledgeable. I went and saw Mark when my knee was extremely bad from a previous injury, within 2 months, my knee felt incredible and I was lifting heavy weight again! Highly highly recommend him!!!

Jared C.


Mark has been helping me stay active and healthy for 3 years and I recommend him to all my friends and family.
His skills for looking at the bigger picture, helping me to manage my needs, and reminding me that mental health is also important to physical health have kept me at the top of my game.

Scott C.


Mark is a great physio, best I've had. He's incredibly knowledgeable of biomechanics and addresses the root of the problem to solve it long term. I've had treatment for assorted foot, hip, shoulder and back issues. I like that Mark works on getting me back to functional form by phasing back in movement, my usual exercises and resistance training to rebuild and prevent injuries in the future. And he's super nice! I highly recommend him.

Lisa R.


I saw Mark on a friend’s recommendation after spraining both of my ankles and I am so grateful that I did. He is a terrific physio, and helped me recover in record time. He is kind, patient and nothing is too much trouble. Mark also endeavoured to make the exercises at home achievable and was realistic with what I could fit in around work. Would 100% recommend!!

Michelle S.


I first met Mark as a yoga instructor who was offering lunchtime session in the building I was working in downtown. I am so grateful for this because when I needed some physiotherapy I thought of him right away. I have some deeper physical issues due to a disability from an accident and my situation isn't easy, but Mark has taken it on! I have noticed such great results with my pain, overall strength and stamina. His whole body approach is what I appreciate the most. Mark looks at the big picture and will set you up for long-term success. He is realistic, encouraging and tells you as much as you want to know or learn. I completely recommend Mark to anybody ready to work on their issues and who is committed to the effort. He understands the human body and biomechanics and will offer many different levels of support as you rehabilitate. He is definitely one of the best physiotherapists I have worked with.

Lee M.



Mark is a great physio that actually cares about spending the time to figure out the root cause of your issue rather than just treating the symptoms alone.

My experience with physio before finding Mark was pretty lackluster and demoralizing. I was given a list of exercises with no explanation as to why I needed to do them, poked with needles to release "problem muscles" with no indication as to why they're a problem, and then laid down on a hot wrap for 15 minutes while the physio treats somebody else across the curtain. It felt like I was left completely in the dark as to what was causing my pain, and it didn't make sense to me how I could get rid of it without knowing what was even causing it. I figured that I wasn't the expert on the matter though and that I should just stick it out and believe in the system I was being put through.

Well after a bit it got worse and spread down my right leg and into my foot, eventually getting so severe that I couldn't stand up straight without my lower body shaking uncontrollably from the pain and forcing me back down to the ground. After a couple of sleepless nights and some prescribed anti-inflammatories/muscle relaxants from my doctor, I decided to ditch my old physio and find someone that could actually help educate me on my pain.

It's been about 4 months now since I couldn't stand up and around 3 months since I started seeing Mark and it's been night and day compared to my last physio. I actually know the cause of my pain now and how I can avoid making it worse so my body can finally heal. I know why I'm doing the exercises he prescribes me and how they will help strengthen and increase the endurance of all the supporting muscles that help alleviate the stress on my spine/discs. I'm not completely back to all of my normal activities yet but I am pain-free most days and still noticing improvements in the ways I can move. Most importantly, I now have no doubt in my mind that I will get back to being able to run, snowboard, bike, etc. without having to constantly worry about pain.

Jake O.



"Mark is an amazing physiotherapist. His goal to get you back to your regular life hobbies and routines in a way that will limit future potential re-injury. He doesn't just look at the injured area, but overall health and how other areas can be strengthen to help. the ease of booking and payments is great for busy individuals. As an athlete and active outdoor sports enthusiast- I would definitely recommend seeing Mark."

Audra R.


"TLDR; One of the best physiotherapists around, must visit him.

Mark helped me recover from surgery and two different sports related injuries. I was misdiagnosed by other physiotherapists in the past, while Mark was able to pin-point my trouble areas with ease and helped speed up my recovery.

I've had a hip surgery performed, shoulder pain from playing volleyball, and knee pain from snowboarding. All were expertly handled by Mark. Mark is knowledgeable, passionate, and empathetic to your needs as a patient. His recovery programs are deep and tailored to help you get back to activities quickly!

I have recommended him many times, and everyone who's seen Mark has stuck around."

Moe S.


"Mark's approach is all about a safe progression, and everything in moderation. He is very knowledgeable (and continues to learn and evolve his techniques), and genuinely cares about his patient's/client's return to a healthy quality of life. He will never recommend more or less than what your body needs. He gets to know you and creates a plan unique to you, with a goal to get you to where you want to be. Mark is honest, positive, and sometimes even funny! I recommend him to everyone I know - even if they're not looking for a Physiotherapist.

I was rear-ended in 2018, which left me with a back injury that prevented me from returning to my daily routines - including weight lifting. Lifting was (and is) part of my identity, so it was devastating being unable to simply hold a plank for 30s, following the accident. I followed the insurance protocols and saw all of the practitioners weekly (if not daily) - except Physio. It took a year to find out I was merely treating the symptoms, rather than actually addressing the problem, and allowing my body to heal and regain the mobility and strength that would allow me to return to my life.

I have been working with Mark for a year, now. We started slowly, with basic movements and mobility exercises, and worked our way back up to deadlifting and other "pre-accident" exercises. I fully believe that I should have been working with him from the start. I had never done physio before this. Now, I would never not do physio first. Thank you for everything, Mark! My quality of life is better today because of you and your commitment to me."

Tanya A.


"Mark Austin is doing physiotherapy the right way. He's updated on the modern science of body therapy and could feel he genuinely cared about helping me out as fast as possible. Honesty + Knowledge is what I look for in the health care industry and this guy has it."

Braden L.


"Just completed my first Ironman 70.3 thanks to the help of Mark! I was having some major leg issues and couldn't run more than 2km all of a sudden. Went to a few different walk in doctors over a 3 month period and couldn't even figure out what the problem was. Mark had it figured out in about 45 minutes and I was back to 100% in 5 weeks / 2 days before the race (probably would have been 3 weeks if I would have listened and shut down training earlier to let them heal up like he recommended). I will 100% be back for preventative work or if any other issues come up."

Chance E.


"Mark has been my physio for almost a year now and I feel like I could not be in better hands. After a traumatic hip fracture, Mark worked with me to regain not only the strength and mobility I had lost, but also the confidence to go back to doing the physical activities I love. He is professional but very honest, which is appreciated given I did not know how things were going to turn out. I still go to mark for upkeep and whenever something else is bothering me. I know he will carefully assess the situation and give me a plan that has my best interests in mind. Thank you Mark!"

Juan R.



"Mark Austin is a fantastic physiotherapist. He was explanatory and helped me regain all mobility in my back. Not only did he work with me to get better, he didn't try to get more sessions out of me then needed, which really says something about his credibility. Honest, easy to talk to and overall cares about his patients. I wouldn't recommend anyone else for all your physio needs."

Christina F.


"Mark is a very thorough practitioner. I have been impressed by his ability to find my issues quickly how to isolate them and get me back to doing things I love. Best part, he is honest to the core so won't take advantage of you booking excess appointments when you don't need it."

Les G.


"There's nobody I would recommend more. Mark has been amazing in treating me (shoulder, knee and back) in both getting me back up and moving as quick as possible as well as teaching exercises to help resolve the underlying problem to avoid future injuries. The dedicated session and personal care he provides is telling of someone who wants to help you to his fullest extent."

Brandon K.



"Mark Austin is an amazing practitioner; forward thinking and knowledge is unrivaled in his field. He shows a high level of nurturing and has an ease about him to build relations with those he serves."

Dwight D.


"I visit Calgary once a year to visit friends. They recommended the clinic, and in particular Mark Austin. After a couple of visits with Mark not only did he help me fix my issues, but I learned new things about moving correctly. My expectations were met and surpassed! Thanks Mark, and all the staff :)"

Livio D.



"I had the worst pain in my rib cage area and every time I tried to take a deep breath the sharp pain would almost knock me out. I walked into the clinic with no appointment and Mark took me in right away. He is knowledgeable, kind and a great educator. After his treatment my pain decreased by 95% and by the time I got to my car it was all fine. Mark taught me some exercises to do to prevent this from happening again in the future. They are easy and after two days of repeating the exercises have increased my mobility in the lower back area tremendously.  I definitely would recommend Mark to my colleagues and friends."

Paolina N.


"Mark is amazing and he takes the time to really figure out my ailments, since it's not always obvious. I would highly recommend going to see him!!!"

Traci P.


"Mark Austin was outstanding. He took me from having constant back pain and headaches to no pain in just two visits. He is very knowledgeable, very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable during my appointments. Will definitely refer friends and family to him. Wish I could give this place more than 5 stars."

Janelle W.



"Mark Austin was my physiotherapist in Fort McMurray. I was new to physio and unsure what to expect- Mark was fantastic. He clearly explained to me what my issues were and how to help combat them... issues I had been dealing with for a long time. He wants what is best for his clients and was very helpful with any questions I had. And, he gave great yoga and mindfulness tips! Thanks Mark!"

Barb M.



"I can not say enough good about my physiotherapist Mark ! He is so educated and passionate about his job it truly shows during your appointment. I have been to many clinics and I have never had the time with a physio that I did with Mark."


Alyssa D.


"I've had physiotherapy on nearly every body part here. Mark is one of the best physio therapists I have ever had."

Mike M.


"Mark is absolutely amazing! Would highly recommend him very easy to talk to, very understanding and goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and leave feeling better."

Katie G.


"You have to see Mark Austin for any of your physio needs. He not only fixed by neck AND hamstring strain, he gave me reasons why these muscle strains occurred. He walked me through the causes, the mechanics of the muscles and how they work, and exercises/stretches to help alleviate any pain and help improve flexibility.
I've seen countless physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists for years, and they do not go to this level of detail with their patients like Mark has."

Ryan C.




"Mark is the best physiotherapist! He is very knowledgeable and worked with me to find the perfect treatment options and at home excerises. On top of that, he's also very friendly and kind. You won't regret booking with him :)"

Jes L.B.

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