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Physiotherapist + Owner

Mark has been practicing physiotherapy since 2013 after graduating with a Master's of Science in Physiotherapy with distinction from Glasgow Caledonian University. He is always on the move and is a long-time weightlifter, yoga teacher, and enjoys running, hiking, cycling, skiing, curling, and walking his dog through Calgary's parks and trails. His diverse interests and active lifestyle reflect his dedication to helping others live well.

His clinical experience is focused on sports and musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain, but also includes osteoarthritis management, pre- and post-operative care, helping older adults improve and maintain their independence, whiplash-associated disorder, workplace injuries from the Alberta oilsands, concussion and brain injury, CRPS/RSD, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease.


Mark has also worked as an independent assessor for the Worker's Compensation Board of Alberta in the management of complex shoulder injuries, and in a research-based role at the Recovery and Performance Laboratory within the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland, where he was involved with work focused on the impact of exercise on brain recovery after stroke and healthy aging with MS.

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Kinesiologist + Trainer

Brielle is a Registered Kinesiologist specializing in helping individuals achieve optimal physical health and well-being. She graduated from the University of Mount Royal in 2024, earning a Bachelors of Health and Physical Education with a minor in Physical Literacy. With experience as a CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer and NCCP Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Brielle’s dedication and knowledge have made her a respected professional in her field.


Brielle utilizes her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics to create personalized exercise and rehabilitation programs. She focuses on providing patients with the tools and information on physical literacy, optimizing everyday physical activities, enhancing athletic performance, and preventing and managing injuries effectively.

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Registered Massage Therapist

Jasmine has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2021 and has been passionate about massage long before choosing it as her second career. Graduating with honors from Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON, she has since worked in various clinics, collaborating with expert manual therapists to continue learning and provide comprehensive treatment to her clients. She believes in addressing client issues based on their personal treatment preferences and needs, working with the body's natural tendencies rather than against them.

Jasmine's experience spans working with a diverse range of clients of different ages, lifestyles, jobs, sports, and hobbies. Whether helping a desk worker or a high-level athlete, her goal is to relieve discomfort and educate clients on prevention, helping them move and feel better. She aims to reach a point where clients 'want' a massage rather than 'need' one. Her approach often includes discussing proper movement, rehabilitative exercises, and appropriate rest and recovery.

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