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Being proactive with your health has become more important than ever. When it comes to safely and effectively optimizing your health and fitness, gaining confidence in your body, and promoting longevity and independence, registered kinesiologists are movement experts and amongst the most well-qualified and evidence-based practitioners out there. 

For people in physiotherapy, the help of a registered kinesiologist is an excellent way to get the most out of your care and maximize your recovery potential since it focuses on the most important part of any treatment plan: exercise and movement. As you recover, work with someone who you can trust is safe, effective, caring and enjoyable to work with, and an overall asset on your journey.

Just like with your physiotherapy visits, expect longer, one-on-one sessions and a level of care that goes beyond the typical experience at other gyms and clinics, whether you are aiming to enhance your recovery from pain and injury or looking to achieve your long-term health and fitness goals.

Personal Training
60 minutes per session

Next-level personal training with a registered kinesiologist and the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist. Expect individually tailored plans that go beyond the typical personal training experience. Packages start with an in-depth evaluation with both the physiotherapist and kinesiologist to get to know you and your goals, an in-depth biomechanical assessment, and full health and injury history to create an training plan tailored to your exact needs. 

Enjoy access to a 12,000 sq ft fitness space, complementary re-evaluations with both your kinesiologist and physiotherapist every three months to monitor your progress and make adjustments to your plan as things change. Enjoy an expert-level, safe and effective, science-based plan tailored to your current physical conditioning, health and injury history, and lifestyle. 

Packages include one 60-minute session per week with your trainer with the option of adding additional sessions, workout programming to follow between visits, and a complimentary membership at Evolve Strength Sunridge.

Enjoy a free online or in-person 15-minute meet and greet with our practitioners to see if our personal training services are the right fit for you by booking online or contacting us today. 

$399 / 1 Month

$999 / 3 Months
$79 per additional visit
65+, Evolve Members, Students, AHS Frontline Staff, Teachers and EAs: $349; $899; $69

Kinesiology Rehab Session 
60 minutes

One-on-one sessions with a registered kinesiologist for individuals currently undergoing physiotherapy who would like some additional focus on exercise to enhance their recovery. Incorporate these sessions into your care plan to accelerate your progress and achieve your rehabilitation goals more effectively, improve your knowledge and confidence as you get back to moving, and keep you on track if you are having trouble keeping up with your exercises at home between physiotherapy visits. Your physiotherapist is always available during your sessions for help and guidance.

65+, Evolve Members, Students, AHS Frontline Staff, Teachers and EAs: $89

Drop-In Session  
60 minutes

Ideal for anyone looking to become more confident in the gym, develop a well-rounded and effective workout plan, seeking guidance with their existing fitness routine, or looking to perfect their exercise form. Whether you're wanting to learn how to squat or deadlift for the first time, a seasoned weightlifter needing a check-in on your form, trying to figure out what works best for your goals, looking for methods to improve your mobility, or just wanting to break the ice before signing up to your neighborhood gym, our kinesiologist is here to help.

65+, Evolve Members, Students, AHS Frontline Staff, Teachers and EAs: $89

Direct billing available when applicable; many health benefit plans now include kinesiology coverage and in most cases sessions completed as part of your physiotherapy treatment plan can be claimed under physiotherapy benefits. 


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