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Challenge Your Perspective of What 'Tough' Feels Like

"It's too hard!!!" Is it really, though? Our brains do not like us being beyond our typical limits and comfort levels. Every time we try to push it with our daily routines, habits, or physical limits, our mind kicks in with rationalizations as to why we should take it easy.

Unfortunately, if we never push into discomfort, REAL discomfort, we can't realize our true potential. This applies to back pain, neck pain, a rotator cuff injury, or any new habit or task that you are trying to take on, physical or mental.

I'm not saying if you're injured to push things beyond your limits, or to do every single exercise to failure-- we definitely don't want to do that-- but the next time you feel fatigue setting in, your muscles being taxed by exercise, or your mind wanting to give up, and you think "think is too hard," or "thats as far as I can go," ask yourself-- is it really? Would it be just as hard if someone was offering you a million dollars, or if it were a life or death situation?

Are you sure you're really challenging yourself? Or are you stopping as soon as you feel just the beginning of discomfort setting in? Do you think you could push just a little bit farther into that challenging zone?

This is how we build grit and mental toughness, and in the context of rehab and exercise, greater physical benefits. For many, challenging ourselves just a little bit more than we are used to is where the real rewards are gained. Check in with me at my NE Calgary physiotherapy clinic and we will get you on a path to success!



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