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Training the Riskier Movements is Part of Making a Full Recovery

If you got hurt doing squats, we are going to make sure you get back to squatting with confidence.

People with disc herniations need to eventually work on bending forward with ease and freedom of movement and to strengthen their spines in forward-leaning positions.

If you are living with a bad rotator cuff tear, and at high risk of injuring it further with certain movements such as lifting a shopping bag with an outstretched arm, once you are ready, we are going to start training those movements. In a safe and controlled manner under therapist guidance. Otherwise, at some point when you aren't thinking, you will go to grab that bag of groceries from the back seat and find yourself back in the doctor's office.

If someone has told you that you should stop running because you have "degenerative disc disease," or osteoarthritis in your knees, we are going to work hard to get you back to running!

When it comes to recovering from pain and injury, we cannot label certain activities as being too big of a liability to work on in rehab. Otherwise, we are going to be discharging patients while they are still experiencing a degree of disability and functional limitation. This rarely needs to be the case.

Your physiotherapist is an expert in movement and should be skilled and knowledgeable enough to help you work safely through the more challenging or risky aspects of your condition, and back to enjoying life with freedom and ease. 💪✌ If you are in Calgary, AB, and dealing with pain and injury, physiotherapy can help. Feel free to get in touch or book in today, because there is usually no need to be held back from doing what matters to you.

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