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Why Online Physio is A Fantastic Option

Yesterday one of my patients was in and they mentioned that they had a friend dealing with a knee injury. They had been dealing with it for several weeks already, and thinking they had to suffer it out until the pandemic was over, because they just weren't feeling ready for physio.

"How can physio work online?" I get that question a lot. Well, it can actually be more effective than an in-person session, because it just gets to the point. First, with an experienced physio, many problems can be assessed and diagnosed without needing a hands-on component. We then screen for red flags to ensure you are safe at home and don't need in-person medical attention. Next, we develop a deep understanding of your problem and every way in which it affects your life, and then get straight to teaching you what you need to do to get back to normal ASAP, including exercises and how to manage your day to day activities. It is all about empowerment, and it works.

Sometimes, the hands-on stuff can really help things feel better faster, but it's not a requirement, and sometimes an in-person session can be helpful in other ways, but that doesn't mean you have to be stuck if you're choosing to stay at home. We are all natural problem solvers and we can usually figure a solution out. Don't feel like your pain and injury isn't important while this pandemic is going on, or that you have to wait for it all to be over to get help. Reach out and never hesitate to get in touch! If you have a friend who you know is suffering, please let them know im here as well. I am available for online appointments to anyone residing in Alberta.

P.s. For those of you still coming in to see me in-person, thank you. I will continue to do my very best to keep you safe and minimize risk as much as possible during all of this, by interacting with fewer patients in a day, thoroughly disinfecting the room between each visit and running a HEPA air purifier, and staying masked up at all times. Thank you for supporting me, as well as other local businesses and professionals as we all try our best to get through this year.




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