Welcome to physiobox, a small and independent physiotherapy clinic in Calgary, Alberta focused on the treatment of chronic pain and sports and training injuries.

At physiobox, you work with your physiotherapist to develop an individualized treatment plan that is practical, easy to understand, and simple to follow. Patients enjoy access to over 12 000 sq ft of gym space for exercise rehabilitation. Expect longer, 100% one-on-one sessions and an up-to-date, science- and evidence-based approach to rehabilitation. This means less frequent visits and long-term results.

Since physiobox is a smaller practice, booking longer appointments and seeing fewer patients in a day than most clinics, availability is limited, so book soon!

Direct billing is available for all major insurance providers.


My name is Mark Austin. I have been practicing physiotherapy since 2013, after years of transforming my own life through fitness and nutrition. After spending time working in a hospital-based research lab, I moved on to spend several years working in traditional physiotherapy and medical clinics treating chronic pain, oilsands injuries, athletes and sports teams, pre- and post-op injuries, brain injuries, and everyday sprains and strains.

I believe that the best physiotherapists are like the best family doctors: situated within community-based settings, friendly and down-to-earth, and easy to access and get in touch with when you need them, no matter how big or small the problem. They should be trustworthy, knowledgeable, and up to date on the latest research. They are people with whom you can build a lifelong relationship with, to ensure that you are keeping your muscles and joints healthy for life, and living to the best of your potential in staying fit, happy, and doing all of the things you care about the most, free from worry.

No matter where you are starting from-- injured, in pain, or just looking to get healthier-- this is what I want for you, and this is my vision for physiobox. If you are looking to work with someone who is just as invested in your health as you are, book now, or get in touch to learn more!


"Mark looks at the big picture and will set you up for long-term success. He is realistic, encouraging and tells you as much as you want to know or learn. I completely recommend Mark to anybody ready to work on their issues and who is committed to the effort. He understands the human body and biomechanics and will offer many different levels of support as you rehabilitate. He is definitely one of the best physiotherapists I have worked with."

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Degenerative Joint Disease
Chronic Back Pain
Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic Hip pPain
Chronic Shoulder Pain
Chronic Knee Pain

Rotator Cuff Tears, Tendonitis, Tendinopathies
Sports and Training Injuries (Acute and Chronic)
Motor vehicle accidents, whiplash
TMJ Dysfunction

Anyone Looking to Get More Fit and Optimize their Health and Wellness

Not sure if physiobox can help you out with your problem? Get in touch and we will get back to you right away with some answers.


Your safety is what's most important; physiobox follows all guidelines as set out by the Alberta Physiotherapy College + Association, Alberta Health Services, and the Government of Alberta in protecting you from COVID-19.

  • physiobox is a small independent practice with low volumes of patients in and out of clinic space compared to most other clinics

  • No need to sit in a waiting area-- walk right on into your private treatment space from the main door

  • Appointment times are spaced apart for your safety

  • All patients screened for COVID-19 risk factors prior to each session

  • All surfaces and equipment are thoroughly disinfected immediately before and after every patient

  • Treatment room is equipped with a HEPA air purifier.

  • Your physiotherapist will be wearing a mask at all times during your treatment; patients are to wear masks unless exercising

  • Masks are available for patients at no extra charge

  • The gym area allows for plenty of safe distance but is optional as part of your treatment plan.


Exercise-based rehabilitation such as corrective exercises to improve mechanics and alignment, the McKenzie method, yoga, and/or strength and conditioning in the attached 12 000 sq ft of gym space at Evolve Strength. Exercises are tailored to your injury or condition, lifestyle, comfort level, goals and preferences.

Hands-on therapy such as spinal manipulation and mobilization, dry needling, acupuncture, active release, trigger point release, and IASTM (scraping).

Holistic care. We consider all the factors that promote recovery from chronic pain and injury: nutrition, sleep, stress management, mindfulness, and beyond.


Looking to see if physiobox is the right fit your journey to recovery and better health?

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Pandemic-proof your neck! Working from home and getting a stiff neck, or tense upper traps? I’ve put together a free handbook to give you a rundown of the basics on neck pain – why we usually get it, what factors contribute to it, and most importantly, what you can do to take care of it yourself from home.

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physiobox is located inside Evolve Strength, a gym in Sunridge, Calgary. A socially-distanced waiting area is to your right upon entering, or walk from the door directly into my one-on-one treatment room and office without having to enter the gym area.

physiobox Physiotherapy + Coaching

2985 23 Ave NE #125
Calgary, AB T1Y 7L3

phone: 587-480-7323

fax: 587-441-7552