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Trying Everything at Once to Feel Better is Often an Effective Way to Get Nowhere Fast.

Being in pain sucks, obviously. When pain gets to the point where it interferes with our daily tasks and activities, most of us get desperate to feel better.

Trying this stretch, and then that stretch, followed by just trying to push through it, then back to trying another exercise, then to trying to ignore it, then back to the first stretch.

Going to a physio at one location, a chiro somewhere else, then to an acupuncturist, then for massage, a consult with your personal trainer, followed by a visit to the naturopath, etc., getting different advice from each, and trying to apply all of it at once. Multidisciplinary care only works well when there is a high level of effective communication between practitioners.

A few of these options are bound to help you-- there are usually several ways to get someone better! However, maybe a couple are actually working against you. How would you be able to know which was which, if you were doing them all at once, or bouncing from one approach to another?

Being patient with yourself in your recovery gets you to the finish line faster. Try one or two things at a time, and facilitate open communication between whoever you are seeing for help. Give it a little time before you evaluate their effectiveness.

When you can say with absolute certainty it's not the right approach for you, then you can move on. Don't worry-- the right option is out there for you. This is whether you have arthritis, a shoulder injury like a chronic rotator cuff tear, a back injury or disc issue, knee pain, and so on. If you live in Calgary, Alberta, and looking to discuss options to get better, get in touch with this physiotherapist to discuss how physiotherapy, and the right approach, may help you, by booking in here.



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