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When in Doubt, Make it Stronger.

Tense muscles tend to respond better to strengthening rather than stretching.

Limited range of motion? Strengthen through your available range and things usually open up much faster compared to most other approaches, and yes even compared to stretching here too.

Shockwave, dry needling, cortisone, PRP, and prolotherapy injections, and even most surgeries can't hold a candle to strength work when it comes to the vast majority of injured muscles, joints, ligaments, or tendons. Sometimes they might be a helpful adjunct to strength-focused rehab, but definitely not in isolation.

Labral tear? Resistance-based training of the surrounding muscles will improve pain and promote stability.

Osteoarthritis? Strengthen the muscles around the joint and it will be able to handle a lot more before it gets inflamed.

Osteoporosis? Best managed by resistance training too.

Chronic pain conditions? They require graduated loading of our tissues in order to desensitize the nervous system-- that means strength work is very helpful here as well.

The point here is that most injuries and musculoskeletal conditions, even the stubborn ones, tend to respond best to this approach, and by keeping it simple.

Overcomplicating things, seeking out obscure treatments, and chasing quick fixes only delays recovery for most people. If you really want to get better fast, just cut to the chase and start doing the hard work that recovery actually requires.

Of course, this has to be done within your tolerable limits-- in rehab we listen to pain-- we don't push through it. Recovery time between strength work is extremely important too.

Physiotherapy, in the context of rehabilitation of most musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, all comes down to this simple concept: making the problematic area stronger, or gradually loading your tissues over time so they can tolerate greater loads and physical demands. So if this isn't the main focus of your treatment plan, there better be a good reason as to why. In Calgary, Alberta, and looking for physiotherapy that just gets to the point? Book in here for an in-person session. Online therapy is a very effective option as well, believe it or not, and is open to all residents within Alberta.



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